Courses by Fascinations

Tiny Artists (3 yrs – 5 yrs)

Junior Artists (6 yrs – 8 yrs)

Senior Artists (9 yrs – 15 yrs)

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Medium Used

  • Plastic Crayons
  • Color Pencils
  • Oil Pastels
  • Sketch Pens
  • Water Color
  • Poster Color
  • Charcoal

Mixing of Medium

(Student must know all above medium)

Fascinations – A unit of Likhavat Academy Pvt Ltd

Likhavat Academy Pvt Ltd since 2008 is dedicated to the art of Calligraphy and Handwriting Improvement. We are an ever growing team of dedicated individuals who work with the sole aim of providing quality education to all aspect of calligraphy.

Likhavat Academy Pvt Ltd is now proud to announce the launch of our Art and Drawing Division, Fascinations.


Likhavat Academy in association with Imly

Chatpata food meets the Art of Elegant Handwriting

Likhavat Academy ties up with Imly Likhavat Academy is one of the leading handwriting and calligraphy institutes in New Delhi NCR. Since 2008, Likhavat Academy conducts courses related to handwriting improvement and calligraphy.¬†Likhavat Academy has trained teachers and students in the field of Calligraphy, Handwriting Improvement and Graphology. It has Apeejay Group of Schools, Shri […]


Principles of Art

Artists follow certain principles keeping in mind the reaction of people to their artwork. It helps in conveying the desired effects to the human eye and mental faculty. The principles are: Balance, Contrast, Emphasis, Proportion, Dimensions, Perspective, Pattern, Rhythm, Variety and Unity. Balance Balance describes how artists create visual weight, Balanced design in artwork is […]

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